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Medical holidays in Side

Side,(See-day) meaning pomegranate is located on the southern Mediterranean coast of Turkey, just 75 kilometres from Antalya İnternational Airport & Cit, it is the perfect place for everyone to visit, it has everything, weather, beautiful beaches, incredible history & architecture, rich culture and all kinds of dining options.

Side was a charming ancient town and former fishing village on Turkey’s southern Mediterranean coast, backed by the Tauros Mountains, which has developed into a lively seaside resort without losing its authentic charm, surrounded by well-preserved city walls and gates. Side’s narrow, stone streets are great for walking around and admiring the ancient buildings and artefacts that have been incorporated into the fabric of the city over the centuries. The old town is dotted with ruins, full of rich cultural heritage and is surrounded by beautiful, safe beaches, making it a favourite destination for your dental treatment and a holiday at the same time.

Side was first inhabited in the 7th century BC, and the beautiful old town is still dotted with spectacular Greco-Roman monuments. The most dramatic are the great Roman theatre and city gate at the entrance to the old city and the Temple of Athena (later dedicated to Apollo) located on the harbour, where you can take beautiful pictures at sunset. You can admire glass excavations, walking paths along the city walls, the ancient aqueduct, Roman villas and original mosaic floors. The ancient Roman baths are opposite the fascinating museum full of statues and Roman art discovered during archaeological excavations.

Side’s climate is typically Mediterranean, with long, hot and dry summers followed by extremely mild winters. Side’s climate is typically Mediterranean, with long, hot and dry summers followed by extremely mild winters. Side’s mild winters have low rainfall, mainly in the months of November to March. Side’s mild winters have low rainfall, mainly in the months of November to March.

Beaches – In the old town of Side itself, there are two small beaches mostly frequented by locals. Side is also surrounded on both sides by long, clean and sandy beaches. The western beach is the most popular beach where most hotels line an endless stretch of golden sand, perfect for couples and families. This beach has all the facilities you could wish for, from sun loungers and umbrellas to a great choice of water sports activities, and the soft shallow water is ideal for the cautious swimmer and for children. The beach to the east is a bit quieter due to the protection measure that protects its popularity with locals, it is a curve of pebbles and sand, overlooking the magnificent columns of the temples of Apollo from the 2nd century BC, it is a perfect location.

Dining -Gastronomy has its own special place in Turkey. Side is on the Mediterranean Sea and there are seaside cafés and chic restaurants for dining out, lokantas in backstreets for an authentic Turkish meal or a doner kebab from a street vendor. Turkish food is among the best in the world and sometimes ranked alongside French and Chinese, you can find almost any cuisine you want in Side,

Evenings – A holiday in Side is ideal for any type of family, whether you are travelling as a couple, with your family or alone. You can dance into the early hours at one of the open-air nightclubs in Side’s harbour. Around the western harbour, you have a choice of elite restaurants serving delicious Turkish and international cuisine, pubs and bars with an open front. The main colonnaded street is dotted with cocktail bars and clubs where you can enjoy a romantic evening under the stars. If you are looking for something quieter or more family-oriented, you will find many British pubs on the West Beach Promenade where you can show off your singing skills on the karaoke machine, or test your knowledge with a pub quiz. İn Side, there is something for everyone.

Manavgat is located in the interior of Side and just 10 minutes away by local domus bus service. This larger and local town has a fantastic indoor market, perfect for buying gifts and souvenirs. It also has a lively open-air market on Mondays and Thursdays, with stacks of delicious fresh produce. Set in a shady park, the waterfalls are a local beauty because of their coolness, river cruises are available going upstream to the Green Canyon, where you can take a dip in the lake, romantic sunset sails around the coast, Side offers a great opportunity to explore the Taurus Mountains on foot, by jeep safari or rafting, For those who want to adventure further afield, you can visit one of Side’s neighbours, such as the seaside resort of Alanya or Antalya.

There are direct flights from all European countries to Antalya 12 months a year, for advice & information on cheap flights and holiday packages please contact us.


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Visit Side

  1. Location & stunning attractions: Side is blessed by its location, backed by forests and the Taurus Mountains, which protect it from cold winds, has perfect weather all year round, beautiful scenery, long stretches of coastline and beaches in Side, the lovely waters of the Mediterranean, the local river, beautiful canyons & epic landscapes make for the best possible resort.
  2. Fantastic value for money: Turkey always offers value for money, you can afford a great holiday and get your teeth done in less than the cost of a week’s holiday in the UK. You can have a 5* hotel with all the expected luxury or a cheap and cheerful stay thanks to natural attractions, hotels and guesthouses are relatively cheap, eating out in small, local restaurants can also be cheap and enjoyable.
  3. Great cuisine: Side has a huge selection of restaurants regardless of your budget, if you prefer fancy, seafront restaurants or street vendors there is always a tasty kebab or doner to make you enjoy the local produce.
  4. Weather: Side has great weather 12 months of the year, but spring and autumn are ideal times to travel if you want to get out and enjoy the scenery and get your dentist treated.
  5. Great shopping: Shopaholics can shop to their heart’s content in Side, where there are many shops. Great shopping: Shopaholics can shop to their heart’s content in Side, where there are many shops.
  6. Nightlife for all: Nightlife in Side offers something for everyone, romantic seaside bars, pubs, karaoke and clubs especially in Side’s old town offer nightly fun and a great time until the first light of day.
  7. Beaches: Side has fantastic beaches with white sand and beautiful blue waters where you can relax, swim, sunbathe and practice exciting water sports. All beaches in Side have blue flags and good diving opportunities.
  8. Ancient architecture: Side is steeped in history, from the great Greek Amphitheatre to the ruins of Side Old Town, the museum, the ruins, there is so much to explore, even a week is not enough to see it all.
  9. Hospitable locals: Turkish people are famous for their hospitality, you will feel their welcome during your stay & nothing is ever too much trouble to try & please you here in Turkey.
  10. Perfect for holidays & treatment; Side is the perfect place for you to visit, for dental treatment and a fantastic holiday at the same time, whether you come alone, with your partner or with your family.